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I am especially passionate about investing in catchment management.
I know that it is much more cost effective to prevent environmental harm, than to repair and rehabilitate.

Fluvial geomorphology is something that I have a good feel for – and I have been successful in implementing many in-stream works in a wide variety of environments in eastern Australia.

I have spent many years working on the development approvals process, in EIA, Policy, Legislative Drafting, Teaching, and Designing more transparent processes.

In regional planning, I have focused on the human aspects; for example locational disadvantage in service provision and arrangements to get better outcomes for human health.

At the local and farm scale, I have prepared numerous rehabilitation plans and have developed bodies of principle to guide the work of many Community Groups.

I enjoy working with people, and especially in finding the common ground.
Extensive experience in planning with Heritage Groups, Conservation Groups, NRM bodies, Service Organisations and Breed Societies.

Please use the CONTACT page to use whichever method suits you best.
Email, phone, form-submission or messenger are available, and I endeavour to respond to your query within 24hrs.

I look forward to hearing from you.